Seating Excellence At Work
WORK offers a sleek and minimal design at your workspace, providing you basic support for your daily office tasks. WORK is also being able to offer you the flexibility to have an optional add on features: (Armrest or a Headrest and Lumbar Support)

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1 – Headrest
Detachable height adjustable headrest.

2 – Backrest
The back frame made by black nylon plastic (100% recyclable). A breathable mesh suspension allows improved ventilation, to provide exceptional thermal comfort..

3 – Lumbar Support
Optional height adjustable lumbar pad to customize the exact support for various spinal shapes.

4 – Mechanism
A weight-sensing mechanism auto-adjust recline resistance according to user weight with 3 position locking.

5 – Backrest
A 80mm height adjustable range with molded contoured polyurethane foam gives a perfect support to the user.

6 – Armrest
Fixed armrest (A82) in black colour.

3-way adjustable (A78) armrest can adjust for 100mm height range. Fiber-reinforced polyamidematerial (100% recyclable) in black colour. Armpads can move forward or back and swivels into 3 angular positions to allow the user to rest their arms easily. Polypropylene material(100% recyclable) in black colour.

7 – Base
Standard base is moulded of polypropylene in black colour. 50mm dual-wheels castor of moulded polyamide (Nylon).