MXI (25mm)
The MXI answers the most challenging issue we face in our workspace today: SPACE. MXI is designed and engineered to optimize every square meter in our workspace.

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Product Details

From individual workstations to aggregate compositions, hybrid between MXI (25mm) with Brio (75mm) or Piazza (65mm) open up new solutions for teamwork and creative collaboration even in a small space, thanks to the versatility of its parts and simple combination systems.

1. MXI (25mm) Panel, work as the divider panel.

2. Brio (75mm) or Piazza (65mm) Panel, conceals wiring while working as the main spine.

3. Raceway

4. Mobile Pedestal

MXI with its on-desk-mounted panels configuration, allows for privacy without locking yourself in a confined space.

1. MXI (25mm) on-desk panel

2. Power Box

3. Functional Bar

4. Wire Trunking

5. Mobile Pedestal

Hybrid Space Planning Solutions

Hybrid office system, integration between versatility and functionality.
– Multifunctionality
– Adaptability
– Easy and quick assembly – Aesthetic
– Versatility
– Cost effective

Hybrid Model : Brio – MXI hybrid
Main Spine : Brio 75mm
Divider : MXI 25mm

Hybrid Model : Piazza – MXI hybrid
Main Spine : Piazza 65mm
Divider : MXI 25mm

Hybrid Model : Molex – Hazi hybrid
Main Spine : Molex 50mm
Divider : Hazi 30mm

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