HAZI (30mm)
Agility is the objective when we design and engineer the Hazi screen system. Whether it is used as an on-desk screen or suspended panel, Hazi is designed to enhance the looks of your workspace while maximizing the efficiency of the user.

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Product Details

HAZl’s agility means the panel can feature more than one skin at anytime to allow for multiple screen accessories to achieve space efficiency.

1. Hazi (30mm) Suspended Panel

2. Sliding Whiteboard

3. Sliding functional board

4. Power Box

5. Mobile Pedestal

6. Wire Trunking

Cluster of 4
Concentration within a team maximizes efficiency while enforcing team-working spirit.

Cluster of 6
Easy of connecting between team member while maintaining required privacy.


Whether you’re working with confidential information or focusing to meet deadlines,
sometimes you just need a little privacy. It doesn’t have to mean locking yourself in
a box. These application respect your right for privacy and space.

Collaboration is critical, trending up right now, and unlikely to fade.People are
working closer than ever, making it important for teams to stay connected. Open
welcoming workspaces encourage the flow of information and ideas.

System Overview

Hazi: Options



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