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Grom is a contemporary and versatile take on the traditional classroom desk. Its’ svelte and light stance makes it easy for users to reconfigure, stack, and store away. Despite its’ slim appearance, Grom is made of highly durable materials and its’ frame is designed from utmost stability. These are the traits that make it an unmatched addition to the classroom.

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Product Details


Visual Lightness 

Grom cuts svelte profile, giving the appearance of a roomier classroom.

Its lines are sleek and purposeful, yet designed to withstand daily classroom battering.


Grom’s lightweight allows the user to easily change their classroom configuration rapidly.

We also make it easier to store away stacked desks with our optional desk trolly.


Stackability is a huge advantage in maximizing limited classroom space.

Stacking desks gives you the versatility to reconfigure your classroom space, adding, removing and storing as needed.




1 – Tabletop
The tabletop is mounted on a frame work of durable bent steel. There are 3 horizontal cross bars to ensure proper support and stability of the table top. It is made of 8mm injection moulded ABS and is 100% recyclable. Our highly durable material provides solid structural intergrity, impact and abrasion resistance, and minimum maintenance. A slot is available for tablet or mobile devices. A cup holder is also provided.

2 – Sliding Adjustable Bracket
An optional sliding bracket to accommodate various hangable items.

3 – Cubbyhole
An optional storage area for personal belongings. Made of 100% recyclable injection moulded polypropylene.

4 – Glides
Glides in black 100% recyclable polypropylene are mounted on the frame. 4 glides located at the bottom of the frame for extra floor protection, and another 4 at the upper frame for stackable protection.

5 – Table Frame
The table frame is a sled design. The steel tube is available in Ø 19mm. Base finishing comes in silver epoxy, 100% recyclable.