Our Foundation

We believe that all things must have a strong foundation and that we must never forget what made us what we are today.

Merryfair was established in 1974 to manufacture component parts and sooner ventured into making office chairs in 1982. We soon became a leading office furniture manufacturer in Malaysia and successfully exported office furniture to international market in 1985.

From our modest beginnings, Merryfair is a modern and dynamic organisation today. Merryfair is set to scale greater heights in the new millennium under the able leadership of its founder, Mr. Ong Hooi Lim. As a visionary and dynamic business leader, Mr. Ong has propelled Merryfair to a leading organisation in the office furniture industry in Malaysia and so as globally.

Our Reach

We strive to reach as many markets possible to increase our brand recognition.

Merryfair’s strong standing in the local market is proven by the extensive channel network of dealers and corporate clients we serve. The latter includes government and corporations from the hospitality, banking, hotels, insurance and other industries. The local showroom at Danau Kota, Setapak displays our complete range of office furniture from the line of Merryfair’s latest design.

In terms of export, we have been marketing to more than 100 countries. Among the countries are United States of America, Canada, Antigua and Barbara, Dominican Republic, Netherlands, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Uruguay, European nations, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, the Middle East countries, Africa, Asia and South East Asia.

Awards & Recognition

Gaining recognition motivates us to constantly stay ahead of the market and prioritize innovation.

Merryfair strives to produce optimum office furniture without compromising on comfort and quality. We aim to improve the working conditions in the office, thereby increasing the productivity and efficiency of human resources. With our team of talents and the aid of state-of-the-art computer technology, we have succeeded in producing furnitures with a competitive edge in terms of ergonomics, aesthetical value, functionality, durability and price.

Merryfair was bestowed with numerous prestigious awards over the years such as the Industry Excellence Award by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry in 1995. In 2003, Merryfair won the SMI-DHL Export Excellence Award in the SMI Recognition Award 2003 given out by by SMI Malaysia. In terms of quality recognition, our products are mostly BIFMA certified. In 2011, our products are Greenguard certified. Our company have passed stringent tests in accordance to international standards and is certified by FRIM (Forest Research Institute of Malaysia) and AFRDI (Australasian Furnishing Research and Development Institute).

Quality Commitment

We are very committed in providing quality furniture for our clients from designing to manufacturing.

For greater production efficiency, specialised machines and equipment are acquired for different production processes. Quality control is stringent and methodically carried out at every stage of production. A significant portion of the manufacturing process is undertaken internally. Not only this enables us to respond quickly to customer’s requirements with intelligent solutions but it also allows us to control the quality of the product we deliver.

The hallmark of our products – chairs and system furniture provides our client with solutions based for today’s office demands and interior furnishing package. Other than just providing a complete range of office chairs, our system furniture includes a wide array of accessories and sizes to maximize the space for different office workplaces.

Green Commitment

We like to think of it as a symbiosys between us and the environment.

In Merryfair, we care for the environment around us. So much of this that we have decided that our corporate colour should reflect our love for the nature and its vibrancy. We believe that as a manufacturer, we ought to inflict damage to our surroundings but here in Merryfair, we always think of ways to minimize our impact to Mother Nature.

From the cleaning of our offices to the final delivery of our products, we go to the very detail of each process to find ways to improve our environmental footprints. Just like our catalogues, we try to think of alternative ways our clients can access them.

Recently, we obtained the Green Guard certification which certifies our chairs production process for complying with indoor air quality. In designing our products, we constantly remind ourselves that we must use materials that are least harmful to the environment. We maximise the use of recyclable parts and sustainability of materials sourced.