Stick to your job  
Stick is a simple to operate task chair for the office. It provides a basic support for our body throughout a full day’s work. The light-weight design gives stick its free and easy mobility, making it especially suitable for studios, service counters, labs and offices.

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531 NA A60 B


– Stick’s Backrest can recline up to 30 degrees. A backrest hinge allows 10 degrees of tree pivot to fit your back as you recline.

– A breathable polyester mesh suspension provides improved back ventilation, to give exceptional thermal comfort. Choice of mesh color- black, dark grey and blue.

– With just simple press to the button, the
armrest can adjust for 9.5cm in height. The
armpad can also slide within 6cm in depth
and swivel into 3 angular positions and 6cm
in width.
– Studio base allows extra clearance for your
feet movement. This standard base is
moulded of polypropylene in black color.

Model — Dimensions

Stick: Options


Loop Armest

Adjustable Armrest


320 Studio Base

Cantilever Base (black)

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Please Download Stick Brochure