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Sofia is a modular sofa system designed for offices, bars, hotels and waiting areas. The square module and quick linking encourages users to experiment with endless layout orientations and eye-catching multi-colour swatches. With Sophia as your building block, you can create semi-private spaces by adding screens and tables. Various modules and accessories makes Sophia customisable to any setting, offering the possibility to transform a formal office to a more playful setting. 

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AB1 – Armrest Bolster
Privacy Screen
Sophia Wiring
TS5 – Side Table 45deg
TT3 – Amenity Table

Product Details

Privacy Screen

Optional add-on screen help to reduce visual distractions and enhance personal privacy and comfort. Screen connectors offers a hook to hang your bag or jacket. The screen is mounted to the module base.

45 degree Side Table

Available to form oblique and zig-zag arrangements. It attaches between two sofa modules using steel brackets underneath. Table Top will be in laminated MDF board in 18mm thickness.

Amenity Top

210mm diameter laminated table top in 18mm thickness, just perfect for a cup of coffee or ipad. Steel framework in epoxy powder coating and to be mounted underneath of base.

Armrest Bolster

Fabric upholstered armrest for added plush and also functions as a divider between two seats.

Universal Standard Outlet

A multi-standard outlet located just behind the seat provides easily accesible charging points for devices from all around the globe. Outlet can be installed to the left or right side to suit arrangement.

Plug and Play Connection

Electrical power is supplied to sofa modules by simply plugging in additional modules. End users can easily reconfigure furniture arrangement by unplugging and replugging connectors, as if Sophia was an appliance.




Cushioned back and seat in various upholstery colour options. Back shell is moulded in Polypropylene in 2 colour options, white and grey, while the base is moulded in grey Polypropylene.


Additional seating area without backrest, or you can even use it as a footrest.

Coffee Table Module

Laminated table top in 18mm thickness, W700mm x L700mm comes with Polypropylene base in standard grey colour. It can be integrated to other modules via clip-on connectors or as an individual coffee table.

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