Silver Surf

Beauty and Strength 
Silver Surf resembles an extremely long surf board in a surreal metallic finish, propped on two thin legs with a surreal floating appearance. Its fascinating concave and convex surfaces also recall the waveforms of a sea surf. Silver Surf is designed for use in public waiting areas. 

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P1 Power Outlet
45-47(1-9)(B2-B6) A39 AG
450-460(B2-B6) A00 AG

Product Details

Wall mounting

Allow Silver Surf to be free of legs! This is suitable for seating along an aisle or cafeteria wall, where a fixed position is preferred. Wall construction material and bench length will determine the required bracket quatity. The bracket is powder-coated in black and takes M10 anchor bolts.

Floor mounting

Maybe prefered for security reasons, such as rioting or theft. This is suitable for hightraffic, public areas such as underground stations, stadiums, shopping malls and parks. The powder-coated post is to be encased in concrete up to a meter deep.

Power Outlet

Provides much needed charging points for today’s mobile devices, conveniently from your seat. Its housing provides mounting holes for electrical outlet of various national standards, and insulates it from the seating unit. Installation is simple without any drilling, and cabling is hidden inside a groove by a snap-on cover.

End Connection Kit

As if a 6-seater is not long enough, Silver Surf length can be increased by connecting two or more benches using a connection kit. Different types of benches, with or without back, back facing forward or backward, can be joined to created an unique seating solution. By mixing bench types, the connection kit can give infinite possibilities and infinite length!



Monocoque Shell

Structure is constructed from 6063 aluminium alloy (100%) recyclable) extrusions, and finished in epoxy powder coating for surface durability. A fine grooved texture is applied on seating surface to provide grip and minimise scratching from daily rigours. A smooth radii on the groove bottom does not trap dirt and makes cleaning easier. Caps on both ends are of diecast aluminium alloy (100% recyclable), also finished in color-matching epoxy powder coating. Aluminium is resistant to corrosion from outdoor enviroment.

Upholstered pads

Suitable for indoor use only and can be finished in fabric, leather or PVC/PU covering specified from the Merryfair range. Pads consist of an inner shell in recyclable polypropylene, and a 15mm polyurethane sponge padding. Worn out upholstery can be easily replaced by snap-fitting new pad onto the bench. No fixing holes are required, therefore a bare bench can be upgraded by retro-fitting spare pads later without any modifications.

PU integral foam pads

Moulded using self-skinning Polyurethane foam over an internal plywood shell. Fastening clips of steel in epoxy powder-coating. Black comes as standard. Other color available, subject to order quantity requirements.


Injection-moulded polypropylene (100% recyclable) in black suitable for indoor or outdoors. Armrests can also be retro-fitted later on an armless bench witout modifications.

Power Outlet

Housing in injection-moulded of propylene (100% recyclable) in black color. Wire trunking cover is extruded from polypropylene in grey color.

Table top

Constructed from mild steel sheet (100% recyclable) in epoxy powder-coating. Optional wood-effect table top made of chipboard, finished in hight pressure laminate and edging.

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