Piazza (65mm)
Piazza allows for a delicate balance in between versatility and rigidity of today’s workspace. The block nature of the Piazza system can be easily installed. It incorporates a smart clip-system for combining the panels together.

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Product Details

PIAZZA, promotes the sense of shared identity and teamwork. Its simple, functional, flexible concept responds to suit the fast changing conditions in today’s workspace. It is easy to install and reconfigured to compelling solution for global work environment for manager workstation, general workstation, and discussion area.

1. Raceway

2. Hanging Shelf

3. Hanging Cabinet

4. Piazza (65mm) Panel

5. Swing Door Cabinet

6. Mobile Pedestal

Hybrid Compatibility

Piazza (65mm) – MXI (25mm) Hybrid, maximize privacy while encouraging collaboration and team-working.

Piazza, 65mm as the main spine. MXI, 25mm as the divider panel.

1. Hybrid Pole

2. Raceway

3. Piazza (65mm) Panel

4. MXI (25mm) Panel


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