The Chic Egg
Ovo comes with a mesh surface creating a light, airy and technical appearance. The translucent mesh is constructed using high-tensile elastomeric filaments that do not lose tension over time. A large ‘waterfall’ rolloff of the chair making you can barely feel the seat’s front edge. 2 base options give the Ovo different personalities. A 5-star base suits normal work task seating. A trumpet base with auto return column makes a design statement in waiting and relaxation lounges.

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667 YJ A66 AM
667 YJ A66 VB



Elastomeric Mesh

Provides elastic support, yet allowing ventilation for airy comfort.

Soft PU Armpad

In an ellipsoid shape elimates hard edges and elbow sores.

Side Controls

For recline tension, locking and seat height allows adjustment while being seated.

4-way Armrests

Adjusts for height (100mm), width (50mm), depth (60mm), swivel (+/-15)

Synchro Mechanism

Hidden to keep the look clean and completes the egg aesthetic.

Diecast Alloy Base

Exceptional strength and durability while being 100% recyclable.

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