MOLEX (50mm)
Molex’s innovative design transforms your office with its sleek yet robust structure. Its lightweight panel structure allows office to be transformed easily to reflect the ever-changing office environment. This features is also supported by the smart-clip system to interlock 2 or more panels together to minimize time needed for installation.

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Product Details

With over 8 skin options to choose from, Molex allows the flexible modular to transform into either private space or highly interactive office needs. Although Molex is just 50mm thick, it also supports a wire management features without compromising its sleek and lightweight looks.

1. Raceway

2. Molex (50mm) Panel

3. Mobile Pedestal

Hybrid Compatibility

Molex (50mm) – Hazi (30mm) Hybrid, brings out the best of both system. Both dynamic systems supported by a wide array of skin options and accessories to adapt to today’s challenging office environment.

Molex, 50mm as the main spine. Hazi, 30mm as the divider panel.

1. Hybrid Pole

2. Raceway

3. Hazi (30mm) Panel

4. Molex (50mm) Panel

5. Mobile Pedestal


System Overview

Molex: Options

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