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Mata was designed as a multi-purpose chair suitable for cafes, bistros, labs and waiting areas. For 10 years, Mata has proven its comfort, durability and design appeal. The 4 leg and reverse cantilever leg versions are stackable and is great for any general multi-purpose seating. The height adjustable swivel chair provides an excellent fit for workplace mobility.

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Product Details

Stacking Chair

Stacklable chairs for general multi-purpose seating. 4 leg and reverse cantilever leg versions are stackable. Reverse cantilever allows chair to be placed on top of table for ease of floor cleaning.

Swivel Chair

Swivel chair for workstation seating. A height-adjustable swivel mechanism running on castors ensures excellent fit and mobility.

Linked Chair

Linked for public seating. The beam supported system is available as 3, 4 and 5 seaters.

Stool Chair

Soft stacking studs ensure stable and secure verticsl stacking. The studs also prevent the chair shell from abrasion during storage.



Shell Structure

Single-piece shell of injection-moulded polypropylene in 7 standard colour options. Backrest is designed for flexible movement and with lumbar curvature.


Five-point base moulded in black polypropylene, with a diameter of 600mm. Five castor wheels moulded in black Nylon.

Arm Structure

Mild steel framework, finished in silver-colour epoxy coating.


Hillie Box mechanism for lever operated seat height adjustment. Mechanism body made of die-cast aluminium finished in black epoxy, lever of painted steel, and handle moulded of polypropylene.