Link, Stack & Connect
Fila is a multi-purpose chair suited for hotel, convention, banquet and event seating It is ideal for setting up large numbers of seats and quickly sorting them away after events. Unique to Fila are its ready-link legs which makes connecting the chair a simple and swift process. You can stack up to 10 Fila chairs high with stability. Once stacked, a trolley can be fitted to lift and transport stacked chairs away for storage.

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887*-888* NA A00T HL
883-885P NA A00 HL, 883-885C NA A00 HL
88** NA A00 H4

Product Details

Come with These Standard Features

Polypropylene Shells

Offer a hard wearing and soil-proof surface for outdoor and heavy duty events. The seat shell colour can be selected independently from the back colour to create unique colourways. Muted uniform colours can be specified if contrast colour-blocking is not to your taste. A drainage hole clear rain water on the seat.

Padded Textile

Exudes warmth and coziness, as well as lending some organic texture. With some clever shaping, the seat pad is thicker and plusher than its slim appearance suggests. Seat and back pads can be removed and replaced without special skills or tools (screws and velcro fastening).



Main Shell

Injection moulded shell in white or charcoal (100% recyclable).

Optional Seat Shell

Injection-molded polypropylene in choice of 5 standard colours (100% recyclable).

Optional Upholstery

Upholstered over polyurethane cut foam (recyclable into carpet padding, wadding etc).

‘Ready Link’ Leg Base

Durable single piece glass fibre filled polypropylene in charcoal colour. Leg design provides ganging & stacking function.