Wisdom and Authority
Delphi was inspired by a town in Greece, where people go to rever the wise oracle. It is made to attract people of wisdom and authority. The deep cosy wrap-around backrest shape with plush cushioning, cossets and gives you a sense of security and tranquility. Delphi leaves you to mind what matters most. Indulge in Delphi’s luxurious materials, namely full leather upholstery with stylish contract stitching, and polished aluminium members.

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497-498 MA A49 V, 507-508 MA A49 VP FL
499 MA A49 V, 509 MA A49 VP FL




For the standard basic line, only the seat, backrest and armrest panels are upholstered in fabric or synthetic-covering. For optional premium line (available in leather upholstery only), the rear of the back-shell is wrapped in leather in addition to leather upholstery. Leather and synthetic-covering upholstery will come with thicker, contrast-color thread stitching.


Seat padding is moulded of polyurethane foam whereas the backrest, headrest and armrest employ dual-layer , dual-denisty foams. Seat, backrest, headrest and armrest shells are moulded in black recyclable polypropylene.


A 70cm diameter five-point base(V) in black polyamide (nylon) comes as standard. A diecast aluminium version of same design(VP) in polished finish is optional. All are equipped with twin-wheel hooded castors in black polyamide (nylon).


All swivel chair models employ a four-point synchronised recline mechanism featuring gas seat height control, recline-tension adjustment, and stepless reclinelock. The mechanism main structure is diecast aluminium while control levers and knobs are moulded in polypropylene, all in black textured finish.


The backbone supports are diecast aluminium in a smooth polished finish.