Brio (75mm)
Brio is a tile panel system built to suit the changing needs of the workspace. Whether it is a private individual workspace or a team communication space, Brio’s panel can be moved together to easily transform the working environment.

Brio’s panels can be customized and change to adapt to the current work environment and needs. Brio, the new solution for workspace which enables endless configurations to work individually in a private space or in a team, optimizing space.

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Product Details

BRIO, a modular cubicle system. Brio’s tiles is designed to be stacked up to the ceiling level. The cubicle nature of the Brio system enable it to be customized into a managerial or meeting room, or down to a single workstation. Brio lets you create your workspace whether private or in an open space.

1. Hanging Shelf

2. Hanging Cabinet

3. Brio Panel

4. Raceway

5. Mobile Pedestal

6. Wooden Side Panel

Hybrid Compatibility

Brio (75mm) – MXI (25mm) Hybrid, gets more done in less time in smaller space to create a dynamic workspace.

Brio, 75mm as the main spine. MXI, 25mm as the divider panel.

1. Hanging Shelf

2. Hanging Cabinet

3. Brio Panel

4. MXI (25mm) Panel

5. Hybrid Pole

6. Swing-Door Cabinet

7. Raceway

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